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Citizen complaint of the day: Injured turkey in Back Bay, all alone

Injured turkey behind a decorative fence

A concerned citizen filed a 311 complaint asking for help for an injured turkey on Beacon Street near Exeter in the Back Bay:

There is a hurt turkey, all alone at 270 Beacon Street. It appears to have an injury to one of its legs. It had been here for three days. I have already contacted three wildlife preservationists and they won’t help because turkeys are “aggressive”. This turkey is hurt and needs to be relocated. What can be done?



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Call Animal Rescue League. 311 doesn't do shit. City of Voicemail Robot Menus.

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but I think they're a wonderful part of our cities. I wish Ben Franklin had succeeded in making the turkey our national bird instead of the bald eagle. The only thing scarier than the country with the world's strongest military marching into battle under the banner of a bird of prey is the same country with the same nuclear stockpile marching under the banner of a big beautiful goofy edible beach ball with wings. And they are gorgeous - I never realized how much color and metallic reflections and stripes they had until I walked by them in Cambridge a few times. I hope this turkey gets some help!

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It wasn't a complaint. The person was worried for the turkey.

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I'll bring it inside and warm it up.

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Not helpful.

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So original!!

Get stuffed.

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I wonder if this turkey was struck by a hit and run driver.
Poor thing!

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Looks like a female turkey. Poor thing.

If it’s not too late, contact your local wildlife rescue for any injured or sick wildlife. There’s a statewide resource here: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/find-a-wildlife-rehabilitator

The closest vet that handles wild birds is in S. Weymouth:
Gregory A. Mertz, DVM
Species: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles
Migratory Bird Rehabilitation: Yes
Comments: Veterinary Hospital

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I mean, not that rehabber specifically, but I think that's what they mean by wildlife preservationist.

It's not surprising to me that none of the ones they've managed to get in touch with are set up to take in a turkey. The first trick will be finding one who's able to do that, and the next trick will be safely transporting a large, scared animal in a car to the rehabber's location. (Safely for both bird and driver.)

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… in Chelmsford now has an animal ambulance.
I don’t know if they treat birds but they do take in a wide variety of wildlife.

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But I don’t see an update.

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