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Citizen complaint of the day: Rogue poo in East Boston, on Beacon Hill

An annoyed citizen files a 311 complaint about irresponsible dog owners along Border Street in East Boston:

So much dog poop on Border street. Severe cleaning needed and signs about how gross it is to let your dog poop all over the sidewalk and not clean it up. This photo is just one example of rogue poo.

The complaint includes a photo of what the 311 filer called "rogue poo."

Meanwhile, on Beacon Hill, another disgusted citizen complains, dog owners are at least almost responsible in bagging their dogs' droppings, but then they just leave them on the ground, rather than taking them home for disposal, like on Revere Street. The citizen, however, blames the city for removing the trash receptacles on Myrtle Street:

Dog excrement in bags are popping up all over the neighborhood since the trash cans were removed from Myrtle Street. Please send someone to clean up.



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Now affectionately known as Bowel Street

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I have noticed the increase in both raw dog poo as well as the green bags filled with dog poo on the ground in both East Boston and Beacon Hill (I frequent both areas), as well as other places around the city. Leaving the poo bags on the ground sort of defeats the purpose of putting it in the bags in the first place. This may seem a stretch to some, but I compare it to the drastic increase in smoking in T stations. Things that people once largely refrained from doing for the general good, but now just selfishly do and everybody else be damned. It's a gradual eroding of civilized society. I'm not exactly sure of the reasons why, but it is happening.

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It's on the rest of us for not providing trash bin wherever dog shit owners need them.

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What we're to do with your posts

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It's a reasonable expectation, paying taxes at a rate commensurate with living in a rich city in a first world country, that the city would install and maintain trash bins at reasonable intervals throughout the city. "We took away that trash bin because people were using it too much" is not exactly rational policy.

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for the miscreant dog owners

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Flogging is immoral. Just put them in the stacks and throw the green bags at them. ;)

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