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Citizen complaint of the day: Slenderman in Medal of Honor Park?

Signs warning of a mysterious something in Medal of Honor Park

An alarmed citizen files a 311 complaint about the signs that are popping up at Medal of Honor Park in South Boston, no matter how many times said citizen removes them:

Several inappropriate signs hung around trees at Medal of Honor park. Some have been removed but park and nearby areas should be evaluated and monitored. Some were also posted in the children’s playground.

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Well if it keeps the kids away from the drugs, gets them outside off the video games. maybe it's not so alarming.

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that awful jazz music!

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It's actually not funny:

On May 31, 2014, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States, two 12-year-old girls, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, lured their friend Payton Leutner into a forest and stabbed her 19 times in an attempt to appease the fictional character Slender Man. Wikipedia

Charges: Geyser: Attempted first-degree intentional homicide; Weier: Attempted second-degree intentional homicide

Criminal status: Geyser: Institutionalized at Winnebago Mental Health Institute; Weier: Released; under supervision until age 37

There have been at least 10 major crimes triggered by Slenderman delusions.

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does *not* check out

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I'd say this ranks below "needles", "drug/alcohol use/parties", "guns", "broken play equipment", "fireworks", and "off leash dogs".

Considerably below.

And that doesn't even include the thousands of people each year who are mowed down by motor vehicles in and near parks.

Sad and extreme? Yes. Bear in mind that Bible use has also lead to crimes of delusion. Collective delusions are also known to happen with this age group regardless of source material - see also "Salem 1692".

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… are funny either.

Except off leash dogs who just wanna have fun.

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Where did anyone say any of this was funny?

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I knew you would say something like that.

See the dark humor in the first comments that Don’t Panic was reacting to.

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is that this psychopath is sticking pushpins into the trees. That can cause permanent damage and lead to disease.

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