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The city that always sleeps to offer grants to help it wake up a bit

The Boston Office of Nightlife Economy today announced $10,000 grants for groups and individuals to put on "nighttime activation" events to give non-sleepyhead Bostonians something fun and free to do after the sun goes down, between July and December.

The city has $250,000 in ARPA money ready to dole out to support events sponsored by Bostonians or Boston-based groups that fit into one of several categories: Events specifically curated for persons with diverse abilities (physical, cognitive, or emotional); events showcasing the many cultural interests and expressions of Bostonians; events promoting multi-generational social interaction; events that specifically aren't centered on booze; events on weekday nights downtown or in surrounding neighborhoods; and events aimed at people 20 or younger.

Events the city won't fund are those that promote a specific company, that have an admission fee or that are religiously oriented.

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Fireworks and ATV races.


For $0, the State could cede liquor license control and the artificial cap on licenses back to the city, or eliminate the cap entirely. State control was based on racism (the Irish run city would be overrun with bars and drinks) and today disproportionately impacts Boston’s poorest neighborhoods and those with the highest % POC that lack capital to acquire licenses to open restaurants and bars in those neighborhoods. Just having the number and distribution of bars and restaurants in the city be based on demand rather than State regulation will make a big difference in the city nightlife.


Unfortunately, liquor licenses in some cases double as retirement funds, and some don't want them going the way of taxi medallions.

Hey let's create something fun to do after hours only to have every neighborhood reject the idea and kill it...


Particularly when you have some peace and quiet.


1. have the T run later than 12:30
2. stop making everything close insanely early



Late night T service has come and gone, more than once. I use the MBTA often, sometimes the 57 bus to get to a game at Agganis Arena. I have a few beers at the Sunset Cantina before the game, and when I ride the 57 home after the game, I see all the foot traffic on Brighton and Harvard Avenues, and the numerous restaurants along that corridor are always crowded, so who says there's no nightlife? What are we supposed to turn into, Bangkok?