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Condo building proposed next to where apartment building is going up on Belgrade Avenue in Roslindale Square

55-57 Belgrade Ave. rendering

Rendering by Zephyr Architects.

A Dedham developer has filed plans with the BPDA to raze a medical office and a house to put up 15 condos at 55-57 Belgrade Ave., between St. Nectarios Church and a 31-unit apartment building now under construction where the Folsom Funeral Home used to be.

In its filing, Joseph Murray's JMM Residential says all the units would have two bedrooms; some would have two bathrooms, the rest one. Two of the units, or 13% of the total number, would be sold as affordable.

The building, a short walk to the Roslindale Village commuter-rail stop and several bus lines to and from Forest Hills, would have 11 parking spaces.

In addition to providing more foot traffic for Roslindale Square businesses, JMM says:

The project is an aesthetically pleasing residential facility complementing adjacent Roslindale Village and the immediate neighborhood, enriching the concept of the village and density associated with this concept. The new building will be set back 10' from further from the sidewalk (7.5' at the bays) than one of the existing buildings currently on the site, which will allow for a richer pedestrian experience and more visibility along the avenue. This setback area is enhanced by the addition of greenery and trees and also allows the neighboring church building to remain prominent its position along the avenue.

55-57 Belgrade Ave. filings and meeting schedule.



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but not enough parking spaces.

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in Boston had the lowest square foot cost of any construction/building classification but does not happen because of the return on investment and this that erroneously say it’s not needed. I’m a realtor and see it all the time.

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Not a bad looking building but too many parking spaces.

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in every Sunday Globe Magazine they showcase 2 houses for sale in greater Boston. They tell the pros and cons of the property. The number one con on many of these properties is Off-street Parking Not Available.

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That's fine. Buyers can choose what they want. Not everyone wants or needs parking. The market can sort that out.

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What am I missing? Why would you want more cars parked on the street?

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Density is here. Get to know your neighbors. Hey all u Under 40s.......It's not scary or weird if your neighbor says hi or holds the door open for you. Sheesh!

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wants to hear the next door’s headboard banging on the wall or live on a property with no trees or vegetation.

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Plenty of single-family homes in the rest of the neighborhood, Hyde Park, West Roxbury, JP, Mattapan, Dorchester, etc., etc.

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Doesn't "residential facility" usually refer to places like group homes for the disabled or nursing homes or the like?

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What is considered affordable these days? I've seen "affordable" rents going for $3000. Unless I have a roommate, I can't afford that. So what is affordable for condos. I've seen condos going for $1 million in Roslindale or close to it. Even $500,000 isn't really affordable these days. Le sigh!

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Click on the word "affordable."

It depends on what percentage of the Boston-area median income they use. I think the BPDA requires 70% or 80% (apologies, I should know this given I write about this all the time). But assuming worst case, and it's 100% of the area median income, that works out to $369,400 for a two-bedroom unit.

Yes, there are issues with this. Because the definition of "area median income" includes places like, oh, Wellesley, Newton and Brookline and because Boston uses the AMI for all locations in the city, you get situations where what's affordable in, say, the South End, is the same as what's affordable in Roxbury, which might not seem right.

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Nice design. Not everyone in roslindale needs a car.

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