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Dead trains at stations that begin with A leave Red Line commuters going oy vey

The Red Line was all bollixed up this morning due to a train that died at Andrew at the start of the morning commute and then another train that died at Alewife about a half hour later, unless it was the same train that the T somehow revived at Andrew and the train made it to Alewife then died again, the T did not specify.

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Must be a day
That rhymes with "ay."


The general manager told the media he needs 25 billion dollars to fix the system. He failed to say most of the money will be going to lawsuits filed against the T such as the family of the passenger dragged to his death at Broadway station, the woman whose vehicle was crushed when the gates on the commuter rail gates didn't go down, the two female employees who were sexually assaulted at North station by a Transit cop and the future lawsuits by the two rape victims of the Transit cop who was found guilty and sentenced yesterday.


A dead train at Alewife really shouldn't matter. They used to operate Alewife with 4.5 minute headways and two tracks, so 9 minutes and one track should be fine.

(Operate is a strong word there, though.)


Do you know what the headways are supposed to be from Ashmont during morning rush hour? Most days the signs there say the trains are about 20 minutes apart. Was that always the case? It seems longer than pre-Covid, but I'm old enough to remember when there were no signs about train times!