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Developer proposes six-story apartment building on Western Avenue in Brighton

Rendering of proposed 470 Western Ave.

Rendering by R&B Design.

A Newton developer has proposed replacing a two-family house and parking lot at 470 Western Ave. in Brighton with a six-story, 39-unit apartment building.

Plans submitted yesterday by Peter Zagorianakos of Triad Alpha Partners include 14 parking spaces in a garage with a car stacking system and an all-electric building with no gas hookups and solar panels on the roof, all in a building designed to be "reminiscent" of brick row houses.

Five of the units would have three bedrooms. Seven of the units would be rented as affordable.

470 Western Ave. filings.


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Is what Western Ave is becoming...


That wasn't previously residential, for the most part.

Edit: then I looked up the address and see is replacing residential. Now it's time to wipe and go to work. Have a wonderful day everyone, and watch out for dudes selling speakers out of a van.


Why is this one developer going with six stories when the other taller buildings on the street are five stories?

I can almost guarantee you that those 5 three bedroom apartments are going to be on the sixth floor and listed at market rate.

No where in this architectural rendering do I see a garage entrance shown. Even weirder what happened to the two family house next to the one they plan to tear down: It's shown as a four story office type building there?


There's a car elevator.

6 stories is fine, if about 2 stories too short.