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Developer unwraps plans for nine-story apartment building on D Street in South Boston

Rendering of 49-51 D Street

Rendering by RODE Architects

Developer Sing Ming Chan this week filed plans for a proposed nine-story, 71-unit apartment building at 49-51 D St. in South Boston.

The proposed building, which would replace what is now a two-story industrial building, would include 12 affordable units, ground-floor commercial space and a "pocket park" - but no parking spaces, with tenants with cars directed to "off-site available
commercial nearby parking spaces."

The units would be divided between 9 studios, 32 one-bedroom units and 30 two-bedroom units.

The site's direct neighborhood is characterized by manufacturing, light industrial, and commercial businesses. The buildings that house these uses are almost entirely brick buildings. The currently low-rise, industrial nature of the neighborhood will give way to new development, defined by large blocks of 200-foot tall, mixed-use buildings composed largely of residential, life sciences, light manufacturing, and some retail.

At the terminus of D Street, the Proposed Project exists at the hinge between this neighborhood of row houses and the newly aligned and expanded streets and large scale multi-unit buildings. The proposed project has been refined in scale with City feedback to be at home amongst the podium scale of the future large-scale blocks as well as the Old Colony streetscape.

49-51 D St. filings.

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This would never happen in old Southie.

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are a bigot. You’re mom raised a bigot that spews hate.

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Please expand on the bigotry angle.

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In the future, hoards of tourists will come flock to Boston to see all the early 20th century architecture. /s

It seems as if every recent building in Boston was made with a demo version of an architecture App, and every developer used the one free design template it comes with. They are all identical and ugly. There's no excuse anymore with the tech like 3d printing and casting, we could have some beautiful buildings going up. But, no, we're going as cheap as possible. I am fine with more housing going up if it is needed, but what if it wasn't soul-drainingly depressing in appearance?

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The issue is the extremely high cost of construction and development in Boston. Developers and builders have to make a profit, and right now interest rates are sky high, the cost of trade work and labor is still high, and MA in general has high legal and approval costs. We have also the most stringent energy codes in the country (a good thing) and that has a cost associated with it.

Unfortunately, after paying for all of that there isn't much left over for aesthetics if they actually want to make money and not go out of business.

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Former Middlesex County Jail in East Cambridge chic.

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That was my first thought....

How brutalist.. old Middlesex County Jail ish

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there’s not enough parking. Buyers who can afford these units own nice cars and won’t park on the street. Coming from a realtor here.

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The bike brigade without comment.

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The plans call for not a single parking space in fact, and directs everyone to "park in nearby commercial facilities."

So many red flags on this proposal.

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If real estate agents were our urban planners we'd live in one giant suburb with every other street ending in a cul-de-sac. Thank god that isn't the case and we've come to our senses on not requiring parking minimums in a walkable city with mass transit in the middle of a severe housing crisis.

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Then the seller will have to lower the price - is that a bad thing?

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