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Developers unwrap plans for new apartments, condos in Nubian Square

Rendering of proposed apartment building on Malcolm X Boulevard

Rendering of the view from across Malcolm X by Embarc.

A trio of developers have filed plans with the BPDA to build two buildings with 111 apartments and 21 condos on Malcolm X Boulevard at Guild Street in Roxbury.

The plans by SV + Partners, Trax Development and Caste Capital, call for a six-story apartment building to front Malcolm X and a four-story condo building with its main entrance around the corner on Dudley Street. The buildings will sit on the same parcel as the former Roxbury Boys Club, now converted into offices, which would remain as is.

The two residential buildings would share 33 parking spaces; the developers are looking at allowing the new residents to also use 21 spaces set aside for the office building at night and on weekends. The apartment building will have 1,800 square feet of ground-floor commercial space.

The apartment building would have five three-bedroom units, with the rest ranging from studios to two bedrooms. There would be three three-bedroom condos, with the rest split between one- and two-bedroom units. Some 17 of the apartments would be rented to people making no more than 70% of the Boston area median income; five of the condos would be sold to people making no more than 100% of that level.


The Project will create significant new publicly accessible open space, including a public plaza adjacent to the ground floor retail community area at the entry of the Site that will feature community art, landscaping, seating adjacent to an existing MBTA bus stop.

The plans call for chopping down 18 trees on the site, but also planting 71 new trees.

The developers say they hope to begin the first phase of construction in 2025.

10 Malcolm X Blvd. filings and meetings.



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By Any Means Necessary.

By the way, crosstown traffic flow is nice and everything, but why was Guild Row knocked less than 25 years ago? Who let that go through?

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I was in Oslo last fall and despite the climate I couldn't believe how practically every single unit in every single high rise had a balcony. People know that getting outside is important.

All of these boxy buildings with their sealed interiors are suffocating people from a basic human need out being able to step outdoors without first getting into an elevator.

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