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The Robert Street Dog is back

Robert Street Dog

Alert dog yesterday afternoon.

For the longest time, the residents of a house on Robert Street in Roslindale had been dressing up the dog statue on the wall in front of their house to match the times: Sox gear in the summer, Bruins gear in the winter and the like (except around Christmas when he donned some Santa gear, and during the pandemic, when he celebrated nurses) . Then, a few weeks ago, some assholes smashed the dog to bits. He returned this week, alert as ever, awaiting his next outfit.

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As my grandmother would say, "you cant keep anything nice here"

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I love this dressed up dog!!!!

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“Some asshole” is an understatement. I’ve enjoyed seeing the dog’s wardrobe for a long time and I thank the home owner for bringing it back after the mindless destruction of its predecessor.

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Not sure I've ever seen this statue "undressed" before.

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