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Driver of flatbed truck hauling an excavator learns why Storrow Drive is 'Cars Only'

NBC Boston reports State Police had to call in a crane truck to remove the remains of an excavator on a flatbed whose driver slammed into the top of the inbound tunnel around 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday. No, the crane truck did not then also storrow.

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To get to this location, you have to first fit under both the Fairfield Street and Dartmouth Street pedestrian bridges.

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The driver gets a citation; is the company that they work for also fined? Is the dollar amount involved painful enough to actually educate?

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I think the embarrassment is plenty enough to educate. I doubt many people Storrow twice in their lifetime.

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Even when nobody gets hurt, a small excavator like the one on the picture starts in the high five-figure. A decapitated truck would also be in the $tens of thousands in damage and a huge insurance penalty. I don't think that anyone who gets closely involved with a storrowed vehicle ever forgets about it.

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It's a new driver every time.

Big fines for the last guy won't stop the next guy.

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... to be stuck in this mess while on the way to MGH for a medical appointment.

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