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Driver was in duress, the E Line was a mess

Car on the E Line tracks at Brigham Circle

RadRebe captured the scene near Brigham Circle shortly before 6:30 a.m., when a driver in a car with Connecticut plates had somehow gotten onto the Green Line tracks.

Looks to be an older out of town driver who might be confused. MBTA employees doing good job being calm and keeping people safe.

The MBTA reported it had to shut the service between Heath Street and Brigham Circle until workers could get the car off the tracks, which they did shortly before 8 a.m.



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Technically, that is the fastest way to get to Connecticut from there.

Apparently the Green Line Extension was even more extensive than I realized.

...a total and complete shutdown of car use until we can figure out what the heck is going on.


Accidents like this should result in automatic license forfeiture.

Accident?? You're being way too nice...

Th license that should be on the line is that of the BTD traffic engineer who approved this seriously deficient design: https://goo.gl/maps/vwqgnZGRPijn6cge9

You’re supposed to drive on the tracks upstream from here. In the pre-dawn twilight, how is an unfamiliar driver supposed to know that it turns into undriveable tracks?

How hard would it have been to install a proper Keep Right sign on that median?

Hmm, look at this: there used to be a proper Keep Right sign. https://maps.app.goo.gl/n3zow2wHxtkkYXAU9

It's been missing for 9 years. Who's minding the store at BTD?

Perhaps drivers should see the yellow lines separating the driving and transit lanes as they approach the intersection? And maybe it's negligence if they don't pay attention to that?

The dotted yellow lines that run diagonally across the tracks? Is that non-standard traffic marking what you're referring to? How is a driver supposed to know "That means 'Keep Right'"?

It's a double yellow line. I don't know where you're used to driving, but in the United States, drivers are supposed to keep to the right of a double yellow line. Paired double yellow lines with diagonal yellow lines between them is also a common marking, very clearly showing "don't drive here". Here's an example from Minnesota: https://mndot.org/trafficeng/pavement/images/DSC_6955nv.jpg