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Fireball when motorist takes out pump at Roslindale gas station

WCVB has the video from the Alfa gas station on Washington Street in Roslindale, where a woman in an SUV slammed into a gas pump around 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

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...and that was the best they could do for fleeing the scene?

That in the end she kind of just gets out of the car and starts walking up Washington Street as if nothing happened is the weirdest thing of them all.

Or just tripping balls?

I usually do it by backing into a parked car, staying in my car, and then blindly accelerating through a gas pump. Works every time!

This causes Magoo to ‘member when Stu told Hap to kill the pumps, then spread ole Cap’n Tripps. Magoo.

That spells COVID

When I read the headline, I pictured a fireball erupting at the moment a motorist removed the gas pump nozzle from their vehicle's fuel tank opening (a latent phobia of mine)!

Yet another example of why hit-and-run should mean automatic license suspension.