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HomeBads: Nobody hurt when window plunges to the ground in Downtown Crossing

Smashed window bits lying on Washington Street

Carina Flynn reports she was walking down Washington Street in Downtown Crossing shortly before 3:15 p.m. when she heard a loud crashing sound and turned to see the remains of a second-floor window from HomeGoods, 350 Washington St. lying all over the sidewalk.

"Extremely lucky: No one was hit," she says.

Where the window used to be:

Space formerly occupied by a window


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I'm sure there will be more near fatal or fatal situations of empy buildings. Start with the Tannery building on Boylston St. But use a crane to lift inspectors. Nobody should go inside of that building. Or walk on sidewalk next to it, either. It boggles the mind that common sense safety hasn't been put in place by now for that building to save lives.

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Besides HomeGoods, it also contains TJ Maxx and Marshall's and possibly other stores I don't remember right now. It was originally built to be a huge Woolworth's.

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It was the summer of '84. I had just moved back to Allston and I was flat broke. My shitty sublet over Unos was hot and smelly. I had a bed but needed a pillow. As luck would have it, my very first credit card had just arrived in the mail. I hopped on the T and charged a $9 pillow at that Woolworths, all the while worrying whether I would have the money to pay the bill when it arrived. I got a part-time job, paid the bill, and I still have that credit card, although the pillow is long gone.

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Dodging windows falling out of the newly constructed Copley Square John Hancock building in 1972.

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Yes, those of us "of a certain age" remember the "plywood palace" very well.

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Saw some surveillance footage of that window falling out on 7 News at 9 tonight. When that baby hit it went off like a glass bomb. People were extremely close when it happened but they escaped any injuries from the glass shrapnel.

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I was relieved that she wasn't sitting there this time. That's her spot and it would have been very, very bad.

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It looks like it exploded into those little mostly-harmless cubes like windshields do.

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me Goods

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