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Online homophobes go after Irish pub on Boylston Street for showing support for the queer bar next door

Eater.Boston reports how some spittle-flecked keyboard warriors went after A.T. O’Keeffe on Boylston Street in the Back Bay because it hosted a "Sapphic Nights party" with the staff of the soon-to-open Dani’s Queer Bar next door to help ring in Pride month.

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The country that voted 2 to 1 to allow same sex marriage. It wasn't done by court decisions like here.

Bigots, take a hike.

All that counts in an Irish bar is how good the pint of plain tastes and that the singer isn't singing Wonderwall, not that (sorry - can't help it - the oldest Irish gay joke) Patrick FitzGerald and Gerald FitzPatrick are celebrated.


Ring the bell and the story gets repeated uncritically.

This looks like a planned publicity ploy and clickbait. Takes three minutes to see the story is bullshit.

Overall rating of the bar is 4.1 on Yelp and 4.5 on Google, not bad at all.

If you actually go to Yelp, you see ONE negative review referencing the party, by a "Richard H" allegedly from San Francisco. There are several negative reviews predating this month for other issues.

We all know Yelp sucks, it's pay for play anyways.

There were NO negative reviews referencing the party on Google. This was my favorite negative review about other things:

Have visited several times with no issue, normally friendly staff. On my most recent visit I had my legitimate driver's license taken from me and folded in half by the bar tender telling me it was fake. They didn't even scan it first or call local authorities before taking it from me. Only once I told them to call the police did they take a second look and decide to return to me my already severely damaged driver's license. Owner is friendly/chill but offered no apology when I confronted him about it. Extremely disappointing.


You've been played.


read the article. its says the Google reviews are mostly positive, the negative reviews came up on Yelp and Instagram, and it's likely that they already got most of the Yelp reviews taken down or hidden, which is why you can't see them, super sleuth.

but go ahead and continue running interference for bigots, it's your jam.


If you scroll through all of the new 5-star reviews on Google, there's at least a half dozen 1-star reviews that popped up on Saturday, some with no written explanation for the low review.

I'm not scrolling through all of the comments on their recent Instagram posts but there's plenty of negative and hateful messages in there.


one star reviews without comments. One recent questionable review referencing pubic hair in the food. Far outnumbered by the the five-star reviews without comments or referencing the event. Possibly in response to the story.

Another funny review from three weeks ago:

I am from England. This place advertised open until 2am. I went at 1:54am. I knocked on the window very visible to patrons inside. I was ignored.
The most ugly display of a non welcoming society that I've seen in a long time. I've been to 34 countries.
America should grow up and realize that we are supposed to be ONE.
Nora Murray

We heard you the first time, now take your canoli and put it in your pie hole.

Google tracks location.

They can very easily wipe any review that comes from a source that hasn't been within hundreds of miles of the place during the purported time frame.

Too bad for you that we have gaslights in Boston and know what one looks like when we see it.

quotes, and links yet surprisingly the article had none of those.

ok, there are a couple of complaints on Instagram, mostly about the ostentatious removal of the American flag.

What they said.

Don't you have some darkweb site to haunt?