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How some guns wound up on Boston streets: One guy bought them in South Carolina, where they're legal, then sold them to a guy in Boston, where they're not

Glock for sale

The Sportsman's Warehouse page for one of the guns Brunson allegedly bought at its Columbia, SC store.

Two men, one from South Carolina, one from Roxbury, face federal charges for the way they allegedly shipped guns here - for resale to, among others, gang members and teenagers - the US Attorney's office reports.

The man in South Carolina, Trevon Brunson, 31, would purchase guns in Columbia, SC sporting-goods shops, then hand them over - for a price - to a convicted felon from Massachusetts, Aizavier Roache, 30, who would then bring them up here for resale, according to an affidavit by an ATF agent on the case.

Brunson had bought at least 46 guns in the Columbia area since 2020 with at least 24 of those winding up on Boston streets, the feds charge.

Roache was already facing state charges of possession of crack with intent to distribute and driving with a suspended license when arrested on the federal charges.

Brunson was arrested in Columbia on Jan. 9 and now awaits transportation to Boston to face one count of firearms trafficking and conspiracy to traffic firearms. Roache was arrested Jan. 5.

The two, who knew each other from the days Roache lived in South Carolina, had been on ATF radar since at least 2021 - in fact, ATF agents in Columbia first interviewed Brunson on Aug. 5 of that year about guns he had allegedly bought for a guy he identified only as "Boston," who would text him photos of guns he wanted, then would pick them up.

According to the US Attorney's office, the two seemed to stay low after that until this year, when they began moving guns north again.

Brunson would call around to local gun shops to see who had them, then pick them up. Roache would pay via Cash App and then go down to South Carolina to pick them up - and bring them back to Boston to resell on the streets, the feds say. According to the affidavit, Roache, who met Brunson when living in South Carolina - paid Brunson $300 for each gun shopping run. After he picked up the guns, he'd try to scratch out their serial numbers.

Although there's nothing stopping somebody from buying 46 guns over three years in South Carolina, gun buyers do have to sign a form they are buying them for their own use and not for resale - only licensed firearms dealers can sell guns. Roache, meanwhile, is barred from buying any guns anywhere under federal law because he has been convicted of at least one felony with a potential sentence of at least a year, according to the affidavit, which does not state what that crime was.

One of the four guns Brunson bought on April 25, 2023, was recovered by Boston Police after a shooting just 15 days later, according to the affidavit:

In September 2023, I became aware that BRUNSON purchased four (4) firearms of the same make, model, and caliber in South Carolina on April 25, 2023. Since that time, three (3) of those firearms have been recovered in Boston, MA on individuals without pistol permits. One of the firearms purchased on that date was preliminarily linked through NIBIN to a non-fatal shooting in Boston just 15 days after its purchase. That same firearm was ultimately recovered by law enforcement just 56 days after the purchase, (41 days after the shooting) on an individual without a valid MA pistol permit, who was gang affiliated. Additionally, one of the four firearms from April 25th was recovered in a juvenile's vehicle on August 30, 2023 (127 days after purchase), as well as one on an individual without a valid MA pistol permit on August 26, 2023 (123 days after purchase), in addition to the original firearm used from the shooting recovered on June 20, 2023.

As of the date of this affidavit, eleven (11) firearms purchased by BRUNSON in South Carolina since 2020 have been recovered in Massachusetts.

The agent, however, cautions that his numbers are based only on information from the firearms dealers whose records he obtained and that Brunson could have made additional purchases - and sold the guns to people other than Roache.

Text messages recovered by ATF showed that the pair would sometimes message each other while Brunson was still in a store - and had to decide just which gun to buy, like on Feb. 2, 2023:

Text messages in which Brunson tells Roache about a gun on sale

On April 25, according to the affidavit, Brunson bought four Taurus, PT111 G2A, 9mm pistols from one of the two Academy Sports & Outdoors in Columbia for 1,123.16, paying $240 in cash and using a debit card in Roache's name for the remaining $883.16.

A review of the text message exchange found on ROACHE’s cell phone between RO ACHE and BRUNSON indicate that ROACHE was in South Carolina at the time BRUNSON purchased the four (4) firearms and that the two spent time together the day of and day before the purchase on April 25, 2023.

On Oct. 26, the affidavit continues, Brunson alerted Roache to an upcoming gun show at the Jamil Shrine Temple:

Text messages in which Roache tells Brunson about a particular gun he wants

MAC refers to a gun made by the Military Armament Corp., the affidavit explains, adding ATF has no evidence that Brunson actually went to the gun show and picked up any firearms.

Around 1:15 a.m. on Nov. 16, Boston Police arrested Roache on Shawmut Avenue near Ramsay Park in Roxbury on a charge of driving with a suspended license. Police seized his phone - which ATF then obtained a search warrant for.

If convicted, the two face up to 15 years in federal prison.

Innocent, etc.

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there's nothing stopping somebody from buying 46 guns over three years in South Carolina

Maybe state legislators could finally find some courage and pass common sense gun laws... but who am I kidding?

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And maybe people caught with illegal guns in MA will actually be sentenced to jail. Both are pipe dreams though.

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What happened to the mandatory 1 year sentence? I didn't imagine that did I?

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If a gun purchased in South Carolina is used to kill a person in Massachusetts. Since this would be a state versus state legal action the case should wind up in the Supreme Court since they have first jurisdiction in state versus state cases. Without question the gun loving, death supporting (but only of adults) justices will either attempt to claim that no case exists or will rule in favor of South Carolina.

The long game is to apply constant pressure against the death supporting justices. Generate case after case where the justices have to rationalize and justify their preference for laws which have an inevitable unintended consequence of a plague of illegal guns and the maiming, deaths and devastation to families that result from this plague.

Create an environment where they have to show how a preference for an interpretation of the 2nd Amendment which results in unnecessary maiming and deaths squares with the belief that government has the right to force, using monetary and criminal penalties, any pregnant woman to bring to term any fetus, no matter the condition of the fetus, the danger to the woman's health, or the origin of the pregnancy via incest or rape.

Pile on these justices so much pressure that they crack. Let each case highlight their hypocrisy. Use each law suit to expose their desire for government control of women. Use law to expose what their true religious beliefs are: not the for show religious beliefs of church attendance and public claims of a named Deity. These are for public consumption of self-delusion. The true religious beliefs are revealed via their actions.

Example: Thomas' true religious belief is that is belongs to a superior caste of people. Even if that caste includes as a co-religionist acceptance of gifts that violate basic ethics of profession. And friendship with a person who surrounds himself with images of evil people (we are the kind of person whom we surround ourselves with).

The true religious beliefs of the current conservative justices is that they are superior to most people. Scalia was a prime example of a man who believed that the was ordained by some Divine Spirit to judge over all. The true religious beliefs of these justices is that they are Divinely Appointed with the mission to impose their public religious beliefs on all others. Public religious beliefs which cause strife and discord. Beliefs that put into law hatred and bigotry against sexual minorities based on public religious biases and bigotry, as well as violating basic science and fact.

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Is there someone who is actually a lawyer who can say if this is the brilliance that it sounds like or if this holds as much water as “my religious beliefs mean I don’t need a COVID vaccine” because it sounds like something where there’s bound to be a catch. My law degree comes from watching Law & Order.

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While well-meaning, this is more in the "there's no rule that says a dog can't play basketball" school of legal thought.

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Not to dump on fan fiction authors, whatever floats their boat, they aren't hurting anyone. However, that's not how the legal system works, it doesn't allow a single state to hold the federal judiciary hostage, SCOTUS can simply decline to take a case like that, they have always turned down far more cases than they accept.

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If the case is one where the Supreme Court has original jurisidiction they might not be able to quietly dismiss consideration of the case. Original jurisdiction means that the Supreme Court acts in the same position as a Federal District Court. Certiorari, which is based on the role of the SC as an appellate court, does not apply when it sits as a court of original jurisdiction.

The key to this reasoning is that the law suit is based on the premise of the SC acting as the court of original jurisdiction.

Articles 3, Section 2:

"In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction."

The SC does have other methods to sidestep having to directly deal with the case. But - and again this is long game strategy, a constant flow of suits by states against states that keeps the legal reality that our gun laws are a poison of the legal system that is killing and maiming children and adults day after day.

Eventually the court of public opinion is what has to be so loud and so forceful that the rulers of the nation who want to maintain a nation of death dealing no longer have power.

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When was SCOTUS brought low by the "court of public opinion" for failing to her frivolous cases? Here's the basic definition of Original jurisdiction: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/original_jurisdiction#:~:text=For%20thes.... Notice how they can decline as always, they would never make a ruling though the hilarity of having a state declared a "vexatious litigant" might make it worth it.

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Pile on these justices so much pressure that they crack. Let each case highlight their hypocrisy. Use each law suit to expose their desire for government control of women. Use law to expose what their true religious beliefs are: not the for show religious beliefs of church attendance and public claims of a named Deity. These are for public consumption of self-delusion. The true religious beliefs are revealed via their actions.

And then the public, seeing the hypocrisy, will vote them out!!

....Oh wait.

Like what do you think that is going to actually accomplish except a huge amount of shitty case law? You think these people have a conscious? That it will suddenly awaken, like the Grinch on Christmas, and they'll go "oh no wait let's strike all these laws, I was wrong all along!"

Mass should sue the gun dealer into bankruptcy for participating. Make a point there is no way a single citizen is actively buying 40+ guns for in two-three years for their own enjoyment. I don't even have a problem with law abiding people owning a couple guns for sport shooting or hunting, but for real, that's tens of thousands of dollars in a super short time period and even if Guns Are Your Hobby, who is able to enjoy and use 40+ of them? There's a willful violation of duty to care here.

Ten guns (aka 2-5 a year), bought legally and found to be illegally resold, that's on the reseller. 46 guns?? In one town?? Using cash and a debit card that has a DIFFERENT NAME ON IT??

If there's one 18 year old kid in a bar with a good fake ID, shame on the kid. If there's twenty something and the kids are sharing their plans to go party at this bar on Twitter because it's well known they don't check IDs, that's on the Bar and the Bar gets in trouble. These are weapons that can kill people if used irresponsibly.

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Stop it now, the problem is in Massachusetts is there is a market for illegal guns, just like the illegal drugs.

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Other states governed by lawless gun worshippers make it easy to buy guns.

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Walls don't seem like such a bad idea.

Donald Trump is awful. We're also getting a second Trump presidency.

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