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Hyde Park gas and towing magnate branching out into housing with Hyde Park Avenue proposal

Rendering of proposed Hyde Park Avenue building

Rendering by O'Sullivan Architects.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a proposal by Elias Akiki to build a four-story, nine-unit residential building at 1015 Hyde Park Ave. in Hyde Park, currently a parking lot and home of one of the larger Madonna shrines on the street.

Akiki will sign an agreement with the city to market one of the units as affordable, his lawyer, Ryan Spitz, said.

The building will have nine parking spaces, seven of them covered.

Through aides, Councilors Enrique Pepén and Erin Murphy supported the proposal.

Craig Martin of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association said he was not opposed to the proposal except aesthetically.

"Why does this have to be basically a square straight building?" he asked. "There are no unique attributes at all to the building, it's just not attractive." The association as a whole voted to support the proposal.

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What does Craig have against being straight and square?

For such a straight and square building it's not so bad. It's got that fakey mansard thing going on, a little horizontal variation, all in all not the worst design. Build it, and build ten more like it.

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I'm not. This looks good

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But he could also be a fan of bay windows. Another case of radical-reactionary convergence.

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Looks like an east coast triple decker slept with a dingbat.

Both those designs work for "workforce" housing. Keep it going.

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Where are the Boston Magnates that keep commercial space from being vacant?

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I’ve never been able to resist a mansard roof.

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I'm guessing those new residents will be flooding 311 with complaints about the trucks and the garage noise next door starting on day 1.

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that Madonna.

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