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It has been 0 days since last fire on the Orange Line

The day started bright and sunny and flamey on the Orange Line, when a fire erupted along the third rail near Sullivan Station. The T reported at 6:54 a.m., that its workers extinguished "the small fire," and service resumed, but with delays through the morning rush.

At 10 a.m., the T shut down the Orange Line between Wellington and North Station and rolled out some bustitution so workers could repair the damaged third rail.

The fire came the day after the T announced the elimination of several slow zones and other enhancements to the Orange Line during recent track work.

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Orange line conflagration near Sullivan Station


I was on the orange line around 6:35a going northbound to Sullivan.

Train was held at N Station
Train was held at Community College
Train was held about 500 yards from Sullivan.

I wonder if the fire broke out earlier than reported. Although I don't recall seeing any smoke or any activity when we rolled into Sullivan a few minutes later.


Was it leaves? Leaves were getting caught on my commuter rail trains engine the other day and burning


Yikes. The orange line is such a zeek. Magoo