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Jasper White, who helped form the Boston culinary scene, dies

Henry Santoro reports that Jasper White, 69, has died.

White, born in New Jersey, became known for his seafood at Jasper's, which he opened in 1983, and Summer Shack. He closed Jasper's in 1995 to spend more time with his family - then opened the first Summer Shack across from the Alewife T stop. White, who also authored cookbooks, sold Summer Shack in 2017.

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young chefs in this town. He was the foremost Maine lobster chef in the country; his pan-roasted lobster is justly famous. His first place of his own, Jasper's, was the first really excellent fine dining restaurant I ever ate at in Boston. RIP.

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First one in.

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A terrible loss, I will respectfully suggest that this cannot, actually, be made at home. (no firewall)


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I might give this a try, it doesn't actually look all that challenging.

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69 years old. Given his degree of influence I would have expected much older. He had a lot of impact on the local cooking scene at a very young age.

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He was in the right place at the right time. And had the talent and determination too. Last but not least a loyal staff and friends.

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