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Just in time for summer, ice cream could return to Roslindale Square

Jimmies, which closed in January, could soon be replaced by a new outlet serving New Zealand ice cream - soft serve with fresh fruit mixed in.

Anika Gramsey has begun hiring workers for her new Sweeties at 48 Corinth St. in Roslindale Square, which will use "fresh and locally sourced ingredients to craft unique and delicious flavors." On her Instagram page, she writes:

sweeties was born out of a desire to add more joy in the day, a dedication to support local makers, and an obsession with soft serve ice cream. Our mission is to foster community through the most delightful ice cream.

Before she can open, she'll need to get a food-serving license from the Boston Licensing Board.

Via Keep Roslindale Quirky.



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afraid they might call the place Sprinkles.

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