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License plate that sparked massive fire and police response to Fort Point Channel turned out to be just a license plate, not a harbinger of a vehicle disaster

First responders and onlookers gather along Fort Point Channel

First responders and pedestrians along the Summer Street Bridge. Photo by Neil.

A woman who called 911 to report what appeared to be a license plate in Fort Point Channel near where the Summer Street Bridge starts downtown sparked an influx of Boston firefighters - some donning wet suits - and BFD, BPD and State Police boats around 4:15 p.m.

But instead of a possible crashed vehicle under the surface of the water, around 5 p.m., divers found only the license plate - unattached to anything.

Boston EMTs also responded, just in case.

Because Boston Harbor and the channel were at high tide at the time of the initial response, first-responder harbor boats were unable to get under the Congress Street Bridge. Divers in rafts, however, were able to get into the water from Necco Court on the South Boston side of the channel.

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Plate number? How does the licensee feel about all this?

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Back when Fort Point was still barren and cool (Dunks on summer st was closed on the weekends) you could park anywhere and not worry about tickets.

Problem was the plow drivers werent discreet or particularly concerned about a commercial area so our cars and bikes got smashed all the time.

I'm guessing a plow clipped a bumper and pushed it and the plate attached off into the channel.

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if it was a Bluebike. The bus/bike lane on Summer Street is very dangerous.

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Who knew?

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