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Lights out in the storm

Wind knocked over traffic lights at JFK/UMass

Teddy Kokoros recorded the aftermath of a mighty wind at the JFK/UMass T stop this morning.

Damien Drella reports that high winds caused the partial collapse of a four-story section of an apartment building under construction at 860 Broadway in Saugus. All workers accounted for.

John Hanzl came across a bowled-over tree at Harrison Avenue and East Dedham Street in the South End:

Tree partially knocked over in the South End

Phil R. shows us the huge tree limb that plunged to the pavement on Roosevelt Road in Newton, adds, "Good thing this didn't happen during school rush hours."

Tree limb in the road in Newton

As of 9:45 a.m., Eversource was reporting 525 businesses and homes without power in Boston.

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I went for a long walk around Dorchester Center this morning. Due to the wind and beating rain, it was both painful and exhilarating.

Morrissey boulevard was closed due to floodings and inbound traffic was at a standstill bumper to bumper, block after block on all the main neighborhood streets, reminiscing of the 2015 winter snowstorms.

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