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Local truck storrows and local storrows are fresh

A truck driver for Designers Choice, a wholesale florist in Hyde Park (granted, about as close as you can get to Dedham and still be in the city, but still), got on Storrow Drive inbound at rush hour this morning and promptly learned why truck drivers aren't supposed to do that, as James Januzzi shows us (Januzzi rated the crash as a 10/10).



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To be a 10/10, and not even spillage of the contents for decorative effect.

Sorry, I'm going to be the East German judge and say 6/10.

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Id say they get 5 points for just showing up (and therefore not able to read signs) and touching the bridge with their vehicle, and the scale goes from there... Yea 6/10 sounds good.

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For a 10/10 I want to see a truck canted at 30° off vertical! The roof peeled back like a sardine can, one wall dangling off, crap spilled all over the road! The driver standing off to the side looking puzzled!

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Recently, a truck hit a bridge in Westboro that peeled the top off all the way back.

A 10 in my book.

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Stop posting links to fascist sites.

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Is the title a reference to the jingle:

Brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh?

Oh, and I went to summer camp with James Januzzi.

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hold my containers.

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I bet the travelers who died of hypothermia in the Patapsco River early this morning would think that's hilarious. Unfortunately they're not available for comment.

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