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Longtime BSO conductor Seiji Ozawa dies, 88

BSO NOW: From the BSO Archives | Seiji Ozawa conducts Mahler

Ozawa, the BSO and Mahler.

Associated Press reports the passing of Seiji Ozawa at his Tokyo home. Ozawa led the Boston Symphony Orchestra for nearly 30 years.

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To see this guy's hair and him banging away with that baton on a Sunday night on Channel 2 every once and a while was something else.

Also, one of the coolest Sox fans of all time.

Thanks Seiji.


We agree on something!!

There may be NY/Boston rivalry in baseball, but my very NY mother was always a big Seiji Ozawa fan, and passed that love on to me. Thank you for all the beautiful music, Seiji.

When I heard the maestro had passed, my thoughts immediately went to the words for the Mahler 2nd Symphony:

Arise, yes, you will arise from the dead,
My dust, after a short rest!
Eternal life!
Will be given you by Him who called you.

Rest in peace - it was an honor to sing with you.

Whenever someone like Seiji Ozawa dies, someone who leaves behind such a legacy, and who as far as I know accomplished it all without being a bastard in other aspects of his life, I'm inspired by his example. I think in American culture we sometimes admire genius too much, and overlook the work that it takes to express it. And I'm reminded that we have all around us people who are living in this way and who are much less visible than Ozawa, but just as admirable, as they go through their lives doing the best work they can.

This is one of my favorite Seiji Ozawa performances: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHLQjrNPPME

Those were the days. Thanks for the clip.
R.I.P. Maestro.

I saw him in the parking lot of the Fenway Star Market when I was a kid, gave him the "welcome to Boston!" He smiled and said thank you