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Man held on charges he made repeated racist bomb threats to Tufts Medical Center; he also hates Amtrak, DA says

A Hanover man was ordered held in lieu of $5,000 bail at his arraignment on charges he refused to stop calling Tufts Medical Center to threaten to blow the place up - and to scream racial epithets at whoever answered the phone, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Graham Abraham, 34, was charged with making a bomb threat with serious public alarm for a series of calls that started in January and with making a threat to commit a crime, assault and disorderly conduct for two specific incidents at the hospital, the DA's office says. A court clinician recommended mental-health services

According to the DA's office:

At about 1:30 p.m. on February 2, a Tufts Medical staff member reported to Tufts public safety officers that a former patient, later identified as Abraham, called the hospital and made racist remarks along with complaints regarding his experience. At about 2 p.m., another staff member took a call from Abraham and reported that Abraham said “everybody is going to die.”

Officers reviewed audio from the recorded phone line and heard Abraham make threats and racial slurs such as “All (expletive) in your shit vomit hospital must die. (Inaudible) ready to bomb and blow up your hospital. Got guns and knives kill all (expletive). All (expletive) must die. (Expletive) roaches and scum of the earth. All (expletive) must be slaughtered and killed.”

Abraham has made numerous calls to Tufts between January 15 to February 2, all with similar threats.

In addition to the calls to Tufts, "Amtrak received 78 calls from Abraham in January including disturbing statements and bomb threats" and ATF has placed Abraham on a list of people not allowed to buy a gun, the DA's office says.

In a statement, DA Kevin Hayden said the fact that Abraham kept making the calls even after Tufts tried to help him means it was time to charge him criminally "to prevent potential public harm,” Hayden said.

A transphobic Westfield woman faces sentencing May 28 for calling in a bomb threat to Children's Hospital in 2022.

Innocent, etc.

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