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Man installing solar panels passes out in the heat on a Roslindale roof; rescued by firefighters with a ladder truck

Firefighters working on rescuing solar-panel installer in Roslindale

Photo by John Murphy.

Boston firefighters and EMTs responded to Delore Circle at Seymour Street in Roslindale after a worker up on the roof installing solar panels suffered a "heat emergency" and passed out in the heat around 10 a.m. Firefighters were able to take him down to the ground in via the bucket at the end of the ladder; he was then taken to a local hospital for care.



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This just shows how important it is to have Celtics parades in cooler weather


we have gypsy contractors running around with no OSHA training nailing equipment onto peoples roofs so they can generate solar credits, primarily benefitting the manufacturers. Settle the lawsuit. Build a nuclear power plant on the White Stadium site. Boston Water and Sewer will provide the cooling water from all of their phony baloney rainwater collection plans, and then reuse the water for a massive cannabis farm on the golf course.


Showers and a high of 81. Never going to be the perfect time but doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun time.

But 92+ is no time to be working on a roof which is always hotter than the ground to begin with.


Um, this shows that people who work outdoors should not be working in this type of weather. If it will be too hot for you, DONT GO TO THE PARADE!


Don't forget all the EMTs and cops and the duck boat drivers and city workers who have to work that parade.

You can choose not to go. They can't.


Now we need to start taking better care of our workers.

The heat stress rates jump precipitously for men at age 20, but not for women. They stay much higher through age 74 when rates for both genders jump due to the natural effects of aging on heat tolerance.

When employees are worked past the point of sane conditions, employers will be held accountable. But we need to do some strong outreach to men in particular that the only prize you really win in the suffering Olympics is an ER visit or death.


Why was this company sending out their workers to rooftops during a heat emergency? What if no one saw him, and the customers ended up with a corpse on the roof? Solar panels can wait a few days. My goodness.


Capitalism, baby!


Spoken like someone who's never been south of New Jersey. Tell me how they get work done in Egypt and Mexico. Much less Florida.

One of us is looking at actual data.

The other is having some opinions about some hypotheses that are entirely fictional, presumptive, derisive, and partly cause the problems in the real world that the person looking at the data has noted.

In Florida people die. In Texas people die. In Qatar people die. They die because laborers are just disposable meatbags for the grinder in those places.

Why do I get the impression that you have never worked in hot weather anywhere?

TL/DR you have no clue what you are talking about.


We hear about states that are explicitly denying workers the right to water breaks. We're not that barbaric, but I wonder if we have any actual protections. Anyone know?


The brain and body function below the speed limit on days like this. Do not take this weather lightly.