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Man wanted in Rhode Island arrested near Riverside T stop after leading cops on a car chase inside the parking lot and then on a foot chase along Green Line tracks, police say

Newton Police report arresting a Providence man they say led them on two chases around the Riverside MBTA station this evening - first in his car and then, after he realizing the police were blocking the parking-lot exit, by getting out and running down the trolley right of way.

Police say Emanuel Salmeron, 22, burst into Massachusetts at a high rate of speed on I-95 north earlier in the day, pursued by Rhode Island state troopers - so fast that Massachusetts troopers, who took up the pursuit , eventually gave up the chase for safety reasons as he swerved off the highway and onto an exit in Norwood.

Around 6:30 p.m., Newton Police say, two officers responded to a report at Riverside of an unconscious man in a red Mercedes, just like the one reported by Rhode Island and Massachusetts troopers.

Officers Acuna, Baia and Sullivan attempted to contain the vehicle before approaching the suspect.

Despite their efforts, the suspect was able to escape containment and attempted to flee the lot.

To the officers credit on scene, They were able to keep the suspect contained in the MBTA lot preventing another pursuit.

Officers Acuna, Sullivan, Baia, McSweeney, Murphy, Pelegrini and Sgt’s McLean & Healy demonstrated great strength, patience, and restraint as they prevented the suspect vehicle from leaving the lot, and potentially creating a hazardous situation on our roadways.

Their strategy and quick decisions helped preserve public safety and prevent any injuries to our officers and other motorists.

During containment, the suspect traveled to an access road where Officer Kayla Donahue and Captain Dennis Dowling followed the car behind several buildings and around the perimeter of the grounds. After a brief pursuit inside the lot, the suspect abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot to the MBTA tracks.

Officer Donahue and Captain Dowling engaged the suspect in a foot pursuit and following a brief chase they were able to get the suspect cornered between a fence along the Woodland Apartments and MBTA tracks.

Officer Donahue did an exceptional job issuing verbal commands to the suspect who repeatedly put his hands in his pockets as if to reach for a weapon.

Officer Donahue and Captain Dowling exhibited incredible restraint and discipline in a very tense, unfolding situation.

As the suspect surrendered, Officer Donahue jumped down a five foot retaining wall, through thick under brush and assisted Captain Dowling in successfully taking the suspect into custody without further incident.

In addition to whatever it was Rhode Island wanted him for, Salmeron now faces Newton charges of assault by means of a dangerous weapon (his car, two counts), failure to stop for a police officer, negligent operation and resisting arrest.

Innocent, etc.



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Excellent job by all law enforcement involved. Looks like he was doing some damage around here three years ago as well.

From the newspaper Canton Citizen, 2021:

A North Providence, Rhode Island man has been summoned to court to face charges in connection with a rash of car burglaries that occurred last week in Canton. The suspect, Emanuel Salmeron, 19, faces 11 counts of breaking and entering into a vehicle and one count of malicious damage to a motor vehicle. Deputy Police Chief Helena Rafferty said Salmeron was arrested by Rhode Island State Police as the CPD was investigating the calls about the car breaks, and State Police found items belonging to Canton residents, including cell phones, wallets, and credit cards. Rafferty said most of the vehicles that were hit were left unlocked and she urged residents to lock their car doors. Fortunately, not a lot of money was stolen and many of the items were recovered by owners



A lesson to out of town criminals. Never follow a MBTA trolley or train track seeking escape. Only locals know where the holes in the fences and exit stairways are.