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Marty Walsh could become governor - of the postal service

WCVB reports President Biden has nominated Our Marty, the former mayor turned labor secretary turned NHL player-union head, to become one of 11 members of the board of governors that oversees the USPS.

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Great, maybe he can cut $50 mil from the post office like he did from BPS and give it to GE for jobs that never wind up getting created.

I never regretted a vote more than the one I wasted on Marty.

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The city gave property-tax breaks for the headquarters it was going to build, but since it didn't wind up building that HQ, there was no loss to the city. It was the state that more immediately threw money at GE and the company actually had to pay it back when they made like some spinach and shrank.

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certified votes are always registered, but registered votes are not necessarily certified.

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to get USPS to move out of the General Mail Facility, so the site can be developed privately

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Although I'd be happy if they were required to stop illegally blocking the harborwalk along the channel on that side.

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that never went away

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It will be one of the best appointments Biden could have made.

If it's financed by private developers building whatever they want on what remains of the parcel after the station is expanded, that's a small price to pay.

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The PO has had offers on the table of many, many many millions of dollars for nearly two decades for that site. As Tom Cruise said in Tropic Thunder "Lotsa, lotsa of money".

I don't know what the hold up is but expanded rail service, reopening Dot Ave, perhaps the PO also selling that massive parking lot they have between A Street and the Haul Road, might mean a lot of housing for the area.

Take your stamps and move on. Don't get me wrong, the people in my local PO are great. So are the people at the Ave De Lafayette and Milk Street locations but expanded train service is good.

I'm sorry for the postal workers who may actually have to go to a new facility say somewhere in the Seaport or Roxbury, but even the buggy whip people finally faced the music after being in denial for years.

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I thought the issue was they were waiting for the Navy or the Coast Guard to give up some space in the Seaport so the PO could move there. That never happened so the Post Office never moved.

But my mind could be fuzzy this morning.. its already let me down twice so far.

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Buggy whips are just a few blocks away, on East St between South & Atlantic.

Isn't that the location of the last leather business in the Leather District?

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Nuffin. Magoo.

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are all grateful for that.

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He's taking City Hall by Eminent Domain, putting the new General Mail Facility in Scollay Square, building the North South Rail Link, and a Junior Hockey facility at South Station, with a soccer stadium on top.

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And the best he could do was whine at people jumping into snowbanks like Abe Simpson.

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Formula 1 postal vehicles maybe?

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then I'm all for it. Even though it's Mahty.

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