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Mattapan Line forced into slow mode due to bad lighting at Valley Road

Just when you think you've heard it all: At 9.26 p.m., the MBTA reported 20-minute delays on the Mattapan Line "due to poor lighting at Valley Road" - which the trolleys were just completely bypassing. The T rolled out shuttle buses.



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A tree fell on the power line on Eliot Street in Milton. The side of Milton right at the Milton/Boston town line got their power back around 9:05 PM.

I live in Milton now; Does that make me a Miltonian or a Mitonite?

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...does passing a station instead of stopping at it produce a 20-minute delay?

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Have you ever been on a Mattapan High-Speed Line trolley @necturus? High speeds are only accomplished with perfect conditions.

The High-Speed Line goes through the closest thing we have to a forested valley in the city. You need to take the name of that stop "Valley Road" dead seriously.

There are hardly any street lights for the vast majority of the trip. The trolleys are from the 1940's and only have one headlight in the front and you can barely see outside as a passenger at night because of the reflection on the windows from the interior lights.

Personally, I love riding them but a breakdown of almost any type results in you walking for the rest of the trip.

Long story short: It's dark down deep in the valley; Drive carefully.

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