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Might be time for a new verb: To sumner

The driver of an 18-wheeler got wedged but good in the Sumner Tunnel around 1 p.m. today, causing all sorts of delays and bringing all the news copters to video the blockage they couldn't see, because it was in a tunnel. It's the second time in a week or so that that's happened.

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ran this cartoon decades ago.

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Why does this keep happening?!

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Remember that UHub story about state police corruption? Some asshats were trading passing CDL tests for pallets of water bottles. Protecting and serving...

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Is the newly-installed ceiling panel (inexplicably) lower than the previous one? If not, it feels like simply banning semis on this & Callahan tunnels will soon be necessary...

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It's listed on the MassDOT website as 12'-6"clearance. There are multiple signs along the roadway leading to it offering turnoff for overheight vehicles.

People are idiots.


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To Sumner is to cut off the affair with your graduate student and return to your wealthy wife right before you were supposed to elope.

To be Sumnered is to experience the above and go work in a dive bar with the strangest cast of characters in the city.

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