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Moon swallows sun

Getting close to as close as Boston got to totality

The eclipse over Roslindale around 3.08 p.m. (so about 21 minutes from as close as we got to totality).

To get the shot, I ran inside for some duct tape, taped my eclipse glasses to my phone (a Pixel 7), then lowered the brightness almost all the day down.

An earlier effort with our exclusive ColanderVision didn't work so well - unless the sun is actually rectangular in shape:

Colander on sidewalk

Johnmcboston captured the eclipse at its peak of perfection:

Peak eclipse
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Kind of a nice event that brought almost everyone together on something!

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I was hoping for some panicky 311 reports of the sun going out.

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Was the invasion of the Fire Nation a success?!

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This is from a post I did in another thread: Even just a sliver of sun looks like a slightly darker day, with stranger crisper light than usual, but still sunny. Partial eclipses are more akin to a lunar eclipse. What I saw in the path of totality on Monday from a hilltop farm in Albany, Vermont was absolutely one of the most spectacular things I've ever witnessed. And not just what we could see in the sky. As totality came closer, everything slowly got bluer, like a cold filter was put over the sky, and the temperature dropped. In the minute or so before totality, rippling shadow waves began to sweep across the snow covered ground in front of us, the horizon above the mountains in the distance turned yellow and red, and just as totality came, the skies suddenly darkened, like someone had flipped a switch, stars and planets became visible, but light remained on the horizon in all directions. And of course, the silver fiery ring in the sky. Just spectacular. Over in the farm's pond, the geese and ducks called it quits and went to bed, the chickens roosted under a picnic table, and some of the cows and goats walked away and laid down. After those few minutes, the sun came back as quickly as it went away, and no one cared to look at the moon finish its transit across the sun, because it was almost as bright as a normal day after a few minutes, even though 95% of the sun was still covered.

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I thought of not going when I saw that it would be something like 98% at my home. I decided to go ahead, since it's just a few hours' drive, and traffic jams aren't gonna kill me. Now, having experienced what it was like when the sun was just a sliver, and when it was completely gone...totally worth the trip and the traffic jam.

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We went to Magog, QC and went out on Pointe Merry in Lac Mempremagog. Got to see those rippling light waves on the water - I think they are from the Corona.

When it went total, the world was transformed into a lapis-lined jewel box, set with a spectacularly back-lit black diamond. It looked like sunrise and sunset got together and spread out along every point of the horizon's arc. People were weeping, praying, gasping, whooping, standing and staring with dropped jaws or covered mouths. My husband started shivering and I teared up for no reason other than our primate brains were shorting out in awe of the indescribably beauty of this eerie netherworld.

If you look up Magog and Eclipse you can see some of the professional work from the people all around us, most of whom had cancelled plans for Texas and Arkansas and headed to the eastern townships for the cloudless skies and low crowd levels. Here's one from just to the left of where we were standing: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap240409.html and another from just to our right: https://twitter.com/AlisaBokulich/status/1777564725175300203

After it passed beyond total, we looked to the east and my husband wondered where that very dark cloud came from. The sky was almost thunderstorm dark and yet cloudless. Then we realized that it wasn't a cloud - it was the moonshadow moving slowly away from us as it headed off across Maine.

We stayed over in Magog and headed back Tuesday to avoid the traffic insanity.

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