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More Red Line window smashing

Smashed glass pane at Ashmont station

Transit Police reports that "several male juveniles" spent some time striking panes of glass at the Ashmont Red Line station, causing them to crack, around 10 p.m. on Sunday.

"The juveniles then fled out of the station," police say.

On Friday, a woman was detained at North Quincy after allegedly smashing windows on a Red Line train.

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That's right. The MBTA experience makes us all feel like doing that. But there's still an ounce of civility in us who don't act on such fantasy.

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Meany mcmeanies. Magoo.

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Replacing windows is not an easy task especially for older trains. Between window smashers and graffiti vandals the trains have to be taken out of service and commuters have to suffer because of a shortage of trains.

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I would bet money that if they stopped people who don’t pay their fare, that most of this crap would never happen.

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… if you don’t buy a ticket.

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That's how forests grow.

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