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No Orange Line service between Wellington and Back Bay for ten days

You know the drill: They have to shut a major part of the Orange Line for some preventative maintenance they weren't able to get to when they shut the entire line for a month of preventive maintenance in 2022, this time between Back Bay and Wellington for ten days starting Tuesday. The T advises:

Free and accessible shuttle buses will make stops at all stations between Wellington and North Station. For alternate service through the downtown area near Back Bay, riders should instead utilize parallel Green Line service between North Station and Copley (which is less than a quarter mile from Back Bay or about a five-minute walk). The MBTA will increase Green Line service during this time to accommodate high ridership. Riders are also encouraged to consider the Haverhill Commuter Rail Line for stops to and from Oak Grove, Malden Center, and North Station.

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As I go Forest Hills to Back Bay, should my commute be harshly impacted? Not really.

Will my commuter be harshly impacted? I predict 15 minute headways. Considering they've been running on the Orange Line with 7-8 minute headways, that shouldn't be, but I bet they'll only run 4 trains (5 tops) on that 5 mile stretch.

And of course I'll ask why they couldn't have started this on Saturday, leaving only 5 regular commuting days for this, but that's why they get paid the big bucks- to screw the riders.


Or just didn't do, since that was a political stunt by Baker and wound up costing $50 million while getting nothing done.


Before the first [Not So] Great Repair of 2022, trains normally went over the flyover on the Haverhill/Lowell/Newburyport tracks at 30-40mph. The last two times I went over that bridge, the trains crawled over the flyover at 10mph.

Hopefully, the T will fix that, at least to the point of going over the flyover at 25mph.


Might be a few folks wanting to take the Orange Line to North Station.


I don't tune in basketball games but it is quite convenient that the NBA finals don't start for over a week, hence the shutdown. No one comes to work in an office anymore, the city is just a playground for suburban sports yahoos, and the subway will reopen for them.


It certainly ought to be.

No other public transit system in the country has to suspend service like this. The T is a laughingstock and an embarrassment. Where's Lazar Kaganovich when we need him? Or, for that matter, Walter A, O'Brien?


...but every single time 24-hour train service is proposed, we're told we can't can't have it because of all the crucial maintenance that goes on overnight. At least we know that is pure, unadulterated bull.


Well said. "...but every single time 24-hour train service is proposed, we're told we can't can't have it because of all the crucial maintenance that goes on overnight." MY EYE.


The Metro in DC did this about a decade ago, back when they were in a way worse place than the T is now, or was in 2022 for that matter.

New York has taken out segments of their elevated sections. They were going to close the L line at one point, and mind you that was the segment under the East River, but somehow they were able to avoid it.

Chicago has closed segments as well.


For someone commuting from Roslindale to Downtown Crossing, the commuter rail from Rosi Square or Forest Hills this morning was NOT free--what a drag! It makes far less sense to take the slow Orange Line to the Green Line and walk to Dntn Xng than to just go commuter rail to South Station...


You will bike to work and like it!


It is hard to believe that anything was done given how much work still needs to be done. For years there were many weeks when the north side of the Orange line was shut down. In past years there have been many weekends when the Orange line was shut down.

How is it that there is seemingly a never ending set of projects that require shutting down one side or the other despite the numerous previous shutdowns?