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North End hit/run driver caught by restaurant worker who ran after him

WBZ reports on an incident at Hanover and Commercial streets Tuesday night where a worker at Rocco's ran outside and chased a hit-and-run driver who got out and then ran after slamming into another car.



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You can run across the North End faster than driving.

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Instead of "closing the goddam bridge". He woulda caught those dastardly bank robbers in scary nun outfits.

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Driving personal vehicles has enormous negative externalities and seems to turn many otherwise sane people into lunatics.

I'd love to (a) raise the barrier to entry with a serious licensing regime and (b) nail the bad behavers with draconian penalities. It's a well-known joke on UHub and elsewhere that the best way to get away with murder is to use your car but it's actually horribly unfunny.

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MA has a good firearms licensing structure. We could use that as a model. Both cars and guns are extremely dangerous items.

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