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Not all of the old Red Line cars will be shipped down to a scrap yard and crushed

Old Red Line car right on Dorchester Avenue

Roman Lilligren couldn't help but notice the old Red Line car being towed down Dorchester Avenue in South Boston and then unhitched at the On the Dot project along Dorchester Avenue from Andrew Square north.

Curious, he went over and talked to some construction guys, who said developer Core Investments bought the car from the T, had it repainted and plans to make it part of the development somehow - exactly how, remains TBD.

The Blue Line's little known extension to Taunton.



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There's a really successful venue in DC that's built around a decommissioned Metro train car that's been turned into a bar.


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Now that's a cool idea.

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For some new old fashioned diners.

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Take off the chucks and the doors and you'd have a wild piece of playground equipment.

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A nice 'shotgun' apartment? Easy to move? :)

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