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Not all towns fighting state requirement to make multi-family housing easier to build near T stops

Banker & Tradesman reports that Watertown and Needham could end up exceeding state requirements for their rezoning efforts, and that Watertown has actually brought in urban-planning consultants to figure out the best ways to increase density in Watertown Square.



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There's a lot of what seems to be low-traffic retail in Watertown Square: my dentist's office shares a block with a UPS store, a tax prep office, a store that sells surgical scrubs, and yet another CVS. So, usually I see the dentist, then get on a bus. By contrast, my doctor is in Davis Square, with a variety of restaurants and some shopping nearby between her office and the Red Line station.

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I suspect there is a very high correlation between resistance to denser zoning and Republican voters. "Conservatives" associate density with cities and cities with um, less desirable neighbors.

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But consider the Needham line probably would be considered “rapid transit” more so than the Red line trolley.

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