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One Allston/Brighton landlord sues another over financial status of two condos it's trying to sell

One of Allston/Brighton's larger landlords, Samia Cos., today sued another one of the neighborhood's larger landlords, Anwar Faisal, over two condos Samia owns in a building Faisal's company manages on Gordon Street in Allston.

In its lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, Samia charges Faisal's Alpha Management Corp. is, whether intentionally or not, making it impossible to sell off two condos Samia owns in the 19-unit 45-47 Gordon St..

Samia alleges that Alpha has been claiming for three years now that Samia owes it past fees on the condos but that each time Alpha submits a demand for the money, it never responds to Samia's request for records proving Samia actually does owe money.

Between March 2021 and March 2024, the contact between the parties was best characterized by Alpha's period notice of a past due balance which was met with Samia's renewed request of the condo records and the assurance that the Plaintiff [Samia] would pay any past due balance that Alpha's Condo Records demonstrated was owed.

No records were provided, and the matter would go dormant until the cycle was repeated at various intervals of time.

Samia says it decided in January of this year to sell the units and signed listing agreements with a broker. In March, once again, Samia says it asked for the financial records it says would show whether or not it actually owes Alpha any past-due amounts. "Predictably, there was no response from either Alpha or the [condo building] trust," the complaint states.

Samia says it gave Alpha one last chance, in a letter written on April 5 - which this time Samia says it served on Alpha by hiring a constable to deliver it, rather than relying on certified mail. The company says it gave its fellow landlord until April 17 to provide the documentation it had been asking for for three years, but that it once again got no reply.

Samia says that because the financial issue remains unsettled, it's had to withdraw the condos from possible sale and so was forced to sue.

Samia is asking a judge to order Alpha to stop violating its "fiduciary duty" as a manager of the building and to hand over records, including "all votes, correspondence, meeting minutes, notices, account ledgers, banking ledgers, and the like" tout suite and to reimburse it for all the trouble it says it's had to go through to get the documents.

Faisal has until Oct. 15 to answer the complaint, court records show.

Complete complaint (4.2M PDF).



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Students at the local colleges are told to avoid alpha managed apartments at all costs!

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They deserve each other.

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Maybe they will agree to settle this person to person in a duel.

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Nice to see landlords harming each other for a change.

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But they are always willing to put their differences aside when it comes to what really matters: Screwing over tenants.


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Hopefully they lock horns for eternity. But I'll settle for double bankruptcy.

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I still remember reading the most epic slumlord story in Boston Magazine over 10 years ago. It was all centered around Anwar.

The way this guy has made his fortune and what he's been getting away with is incredible. The fact that he is still in business is quite telling about the powerlessness (or unwillingness?) of our city officials. He can probably take a good amount of credit for singlehandedly turning generations of young Bostonians into cynics and landlord haters.

That story is is still available online; it's a long and worthwile read.


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That my brother had to marry his non-slumlord girlfriend to keep her in the U.S., while this (expletive) who wasn't born here either doesn't have to jump through any hoops to stay.

I'm not angered by U.S. immigration/emigration policy, because it's apparent that we don't have one.

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I think this whole alternative pronouns thing has gone a bit too far.

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His company "Alpha Management Corp" is the it referred to in this article IMHO.

Even though corporations are considered people now "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010)" A Supreme Court decision which cemented corporate personhood is one of the silliest decisions they've ever made. It goes against common sense.

What sex is a corporation? Should they be referred to as he's or she's?

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