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Only on the T: Man misses play about the T because he made the mistake of trying to take the T to see it

Update: The train may have been disabled by morons.

Trevyn Langsford had tickets to see T: An MBTA Musical at 2:30 today at Somerville's Rockwell Theater, but missed the show because his Red Line train got stuck behind a train that died at Charles/MGH.

At 2:23, he checked in:

We’re going to a musical about the MBTA, and here we are on the Red Line, stuck behind a disabled train at Charles/MGH, making us late to a musical about the MBTA. Oh, the irony.

At 2:39 p.m., he updated:

Our train became the rescue train after the disabled train failed to get removed by another train, so now we have to get off after they push the disabled train far enough with our train to get to the platform.

The MBTA has successfully kept us from making it to a musical about the MBTA. Is this some sick form of censorship?

The play describes itself:

"T" is the journey of three struggling Bostonians whose lives have been derailed by the MBTA's shortcomings. When they discover a secret map that will let them conquer the T once and for all, they set forth on a colorful journey that is part love story, part melodrama, part scavenger hunt - but mostly underground.

Since 2011, we have been delighting audiences with our musical "love letter" to the city of Boston. Join us this June as we dance our way around everything we love to hate about the MTBA.

Perhaps they can give Langsford a special guest appearance.



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Given what happened, he deserves tickets to another performance, at which they can regale the audience with this saga.


The MBTA should pay for the tickets.


Hadn't heard about this production and went to its web page to find out more. Turns out they offer an option to purchase ticket insurance in case a patron can't attend because of illness, sudden work obligation etc.
The options include transportation failure but it has an icon of a car :>