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Orange Line briefly detoured through Wellesley

The Orange Line has a photo of some old Orange Line cars crossing Rte. 9 - on flatbed trucks.

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The T was transferring the old Orange Line cars from Wellington Depot to Costello Dismantling in Middleboro, where all of the old Orange Line cars will be scrapped.

My estimate is that they had to bring the cars onto Route 16 from Medford, but because the entrance to I-95/MA 128 from Route 16 has too narrow a turning radius for the wide-body truck and train to negotiate, it continued on Route 16 to Wellesley, where it then doubled back on residential streets to Route 9. The Route 9 entrance to I-95/MA 128 is wider than Route 16, and was more suitable.


on 495s in Mansfield heading south....

Must’ve fainted