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Pair got the max for the minimum after they pulled a knife at a Brookline clothing store, police say

Wanted for armed robbery at TJ Maxx in Brookline

Brookline Police report they are looking for a pair of shoplifters who legally became a pair of armed robbers when one of them "brandished a knife when confronted" at the TJ Maxx store on Harvard Street near the Allston line on Jan. 15.

If they look familiar, contact Brookline Police at 617-730-2222.

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That's an easy one: The one on the right is totally Bunsen Honeydew.

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If that makes the one on the left Beaker, things have apparently not been going well in his life.

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Shoplifting is the best crime if you are dumb. It's punished leniently or not at all.

If you're smart, fraud is the the best crime. Massive financial frauds are often not punished at all.

Armed robbery is the dumbest crime. Armed robbery of cheap clothing is real real dumb.

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If you commit armed robbery of cheap clothing, you may be immortalized in a Golden Gaffin™ headline!

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