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Pedestrian hit by firetruck in Dorchester

A pedestrian was taken away in critical condition after being hit by Engine 24 on Bowdoin Street near Geneva Avenue in Dorchester around 12:25 p.m.

Two ambulances were summoned to the scene, one for the victim and one for firefighters on the truck, which is based in Grove Hall.



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I wonder if the truck hit something else too, or whether those trucks can brake hard enough to cause injury to their occupants.

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Do they still have guys hanging on to the outside of the truck?

Been a while since I noticed as I'm usually getting out of the way.

I wonder if the pedestrian couldn't hear the truck?

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Doesn't necessarily mean physical injuries to the firefighters.....Think about it...

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but I've never heard of someone calling an ambulance for it. Is that a thing?

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If someone is very distraught, which if you’re a human and behind the wheel in this situation, regardless of fault, you’re going to be severely distraught.

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