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Police in Cambridge say officer had just taken off his gun so he could go and it went off

Cambridge Police are reporting some details on the incident with the police officer and self-discharging gun at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School yesterday.

It was reported that while Officer Frank Greenidge was in a single-stall staff bathroom of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, Officer Greenidge removed his department issued firearm from its holster and it unintentionally discharged. There were no injuries and the school day continued uninterrupted. Officer Greenidge promptly reported the incident to his supervisor allowing the Police Department to quickly respond and process the scene. The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and Massachusetts State Police were also notified in connection with this incident. Officer Greenidge has been reassigned within the Department pending a complete and thorough review of the incident.

Officer Greenidge has been with the Cambridge Police Department since 1987 and he is a highly regarded member of the school community for his work in the school district and youth sports programs.

Until yesterday, Greenridge had been a CPD youth resource officer, "selected and trained to promote safety within schools."

The department adds:

The Cambridge Police Department has strict policies regarding the use, maintenance, and storage of all department issued firearms. The department is investigating whether there was a violation of those policies. As part of the department’s commitment to transparency, the findings of the investigation will be released once completed.



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For more safety within schools, don't bring guns into them.

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not create it

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Unless this guy was not wearing a uniform and honestly, even if he was out of uniform, there was no reason for him to remove his gun from the holster to go to the bathroom.

Out of uniform your gun is in a separate holster that fits down your waistline. The holster and gun are easily removable as one item.

In uniform your holster with the gun in it is attached to a Sam Brown belt which again would be removed as one piece before using the bathroom.

The only reason anyone should remove their gun from their holster while on duty is to shoot someone.

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Should have just gone with the standard "I felt threatened".

Easily justified by something like ACAB graffiti in the stall.

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Wow. There we go then.

I was picturing something like "dropped pants too hard and the shitty SIG Sauer drop-fired" or "fumbled with belt and accidentally pulled the trigger somehow".

Why are you unholstering in the bathroom, dude? I know some people get confused, but that's not where you piss from.

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"you pulled the trigger of myyyyy"
Dun dun dun dunt
Dun dun dun dunt
Dun dun dun dun dun dun dunt
"Love guuuuun, looooove gun"

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