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Pub grub to be replaced by tapas once new owner takes over at the Blarney Stone in Fields Corner

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let the owner of the venerable Blarney Stone, 1505 Dorchester Ave. in Dorchester, sell his liquor license to Yancarlo Fernandez of Dorchester, who is planning a new menu focusing on "modern international cuisine" and tapas, his attorney said today.

At a hearing, Fernandez's attorney, Jennifer Allen, added that he is also planning to offer brunch on weekends at the pub, which will be renamed Acapella's.

Allen added that Fernandez is planning on new decor and furniture, but will leave the basic bones of the room - where the Blarney Stone opened in the mid-1965 - the same.

Board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce, who lives in Dorchester, said she will be sad to see the Blarney Stone go, but that she is glad its new owner is also local.



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Tapas can be great, but should be basic and inexpensive. Precious tiny $15 "tapas" won't fly.

The Blarney Stone delivered a good feed at a reasonable price, Fernandez has to keep that in mind.

Never thought I'd see the day, but I see a business opportunity for another Irish pub on Dorchester Avenue. Maybe someone will get one of those new licenses and resurrect one of the fallen of the last 30 years.

NOT Cunningham's though.

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Neighborhood’s called Fields Corner.

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Stupid typo fixed (I know the name of the neighborhood, honest, I just didn't hit the S key hard enough).

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Feel Connah

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