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Pupusas to be replaced by barbecue in West Roxbury

The Boston Licensing Board today gave the operator of a barbecue food truck a license to open a permanent storefront at 5272 Washington St. in West Roxbury, currently home to a Salvadoran restaurant.

With the food-serving license, Stephen Goldberg, owner of How's Your Meat?, currently based in a black food truck normally parked in the Rental Depot parking lot across the neighborhood on Spring Street, will be able to start serving his barbecue, burgers and hot dogs from a fixed location.

The board approved hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The transition from Típico Salvadoreño 1, formerly Los Antojitos, into How's Your Meat? marks a further dismantling of what was once West Roxbury's international corner along Washington and Grove streets, with the recent closing of Fairouz, which served Lebanese food, and the impending departure of Viva Mi Arepa, which will take its Venezuelan dishes to a new home in Jackson Square as its landlord prepares to knock down its storefront for a residential building.

The area still has a pizzeria, a Chinese take-out place and a Greek market.



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Did not realize they were moving!

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To the spot where Il Panino used to be, across Centre from the T stop.

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At least for now Yellow Bird Chicken is still there. Not particularly international, but tasty.

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