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Rally for man facing deportation for killing his serial rapist

The East Boston Times-Free Press reports on a rally in Maverick Square this week for Marco Flores, who pleaded guilty in 2013 to a charge of voluntary manslaughter for strangling the man who had raped him for years when the man began threatening to do the same to a younger sibling of Flores's.

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Did investigators determine the man he killed was, in fact, child molester?

No, he shouldn't be deported. He was basically raised from a young age in America. And he served his sentence. The whole thing is crazy and sad

He has to go. This is not difficult. Get the plea vacated and case dismissed if he wants to stay.

Where's the pardon from the Democrat governor or Democrat president? I thought they liked immigrants.

Is it because he killed a rapist, and Democrats usually protect criminals when they're the ones who started it?

The word is "Democratic", as anyone who's not a shit-stirring troll knows.

I stand corrected. Also note that I think Republicans suck too.


What the (expletive) is the strike zone for who gets to stay and who doesn't? I didn't ask for this guy to be removed. I'm not afraid of him. I feel like I can successfully avoid being lit on fire by him by not sexually assaulting him. Does someone feel otherwise?

If our cops and courts are so great, why did this kid take care of it himself instead of using those civil functions?

El Salvador is more peaceful today than it was 25 years ago. He'll have a better shot at building a life for himself there as a free man with citizenship then in the USA as an ex-con.