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Seafood place that replaced a seafood place gets the hook in Kenmore Square

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the impending end of Pescador, which replaced Island Creek Oyster Bar in the Hotel Commonwealth. No word yet if it will be replaced by a seafood place.



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You mean the place from New York that replaced a well regarded local place despite thousands of people saying that replacing the local place with a place from NY was a bad idea is closing?

I’ll get one of those little tiny packs of Kleenex to each of those 7 people who are upset about this.

I hope sly smiles are on Garret and the Island Creek guys this morning.

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Came here to say a version of this. The Duxbury Island Creek is a great time but having a location in Kenmore was convenient and lovely.

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I heard the place wasn't doing well because people who are fans of Blue Ribbon Restaurants didn't realize Pescador was also theirs. The other two restaurants in the Hotel are Blue Ribbon Sushi and Blue Ribbon Brasserie.

So, while it's "closing", they're going to rename it and reopen it with more of a focus on the raw bar and call it "Blue Ribbon Öyster", so their fans can find the place easier.

It's expected to create a very big Blue Ribbon Öyster Cult following that will help keep it open. It should be able to seat 40,000 men and women every day.

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