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In search of fireflies

WBUR lights the way, suggests you maybe not try to trap any fireflies you find in old pickle jars because you'll be depriving them of what little time they have on this earth.


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Give it a few weeks, at least for my stretch of Boston.

They come out by my house. It's pretty cool.

Not the exact address, but what area? I’m from the west coast, and have only seen fireflies once while camping in Vermont. I’d love to see more!

The funniest thing is that my wife is from the West Coast, and at one point were were searching for locations that had them all over the southern suburbs, only to find them on the side of our house. Just need the right conditions.

To be honest, the first time I recall seeing fireflies was in Washington DC in June of 2007. Now I see them every summer. I think I've seen them in the Sherrin Street Urban wild, but mind you I was just running beside it.

The key is to check between sunset and a half hour after sunset. They're done after an hour.

.... of the urban wild?

I had some in my yard last week. Look for areas where the grass is tall (yes, no-mow May became no-mow June).

Must be slow news day.

Must be slow news day.

Look, here's a punchbowl, says Letters. I think I'll piss in it.

I saw some in West Robury once but my fondest memories of fireflies come from Duxbury by the cranberry bogs; My Aunt and Uncle had a house right across the street from one down there.

Kids: If you can't resist catching some be sure to put some holes in the lid and let them go before you go back in the house for the night.