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A shroomy day

Mushrooms on a tree at Millennium Park

Some bloomin' mushrooms on a tree at Millennium Park along the Charles River this afternoon, after the rain had stopped.



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One might even say Adorable.

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I"ve never had much of green thumb, but I do know that healthy trees are a good thing. Is this fungus growth ok for the tree? What the hell is goiing on in there?

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Well, maybe not with that specific tree, but somebody's been very busy over the last few months hauling out lots of invasive weeds and stuff as part of a Parks Department project to clean up that path (don't worry: They're leaving the large "Machinery" and "Leather" friezes that were dumped there after Mechanics Hall was torn down back in the day, when that area was the city dump).

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It’s a type of polypore mushroom that’s common to see this time of year. They mostly grow on dead hardwood trees but sometimes on live ones - they’re not really a threat to a healthy tree.

Neat trivia-fact - this is one of the fungus types they used to make paper out of!

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I shall now refer to them as saddle mushrooms!

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