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Siesta time at the pond

Snoozing duck and ducklings

A family of ducks settled in for a snooze on the northern shore of Jamaica Pond yesterday afternoon (dad was equally asleep, a foot or two away).



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I'm following a goose family in Milton. 2 adults, a juvenile and 5 goslings. So far all I've suffered from is menacing hissing as I walk by.

Where's the TLF when you need them?

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My apartment building deployed plastic coyotes with realistic fur tails in strategic locations around the building and the goose family has fled the vicinity.

I have a felling that I'm not the only one the adult geese have meanicingly hissed at.

One thing I won't miss is the Goose feces everywhere. So at least I got that.

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And the original family has brought reinforcements! Another adult has joined the gaggle.

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