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Small victory for proposed Andrew Square tavern: State senator now offers 'conditional' support as long as it doesn't do something it wasn't planning to

State Sen. Nick Collins (D-1st Suffolk) is now offering his support for the proposed Small Victories tavern on Dorchester Street in South Boston, two days after he angrily denounced it as a potential home of online-dating "vidiots" and degenerates being pushed by buttinsky East Bostonians.

In a letter to Kathleen Joyce as chair of the Boston Licensing Board - although she was acting in her role as chair of the Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing, a separate board - Collins said owner Josh Weinstein's plans were fine with him as long as the office ensured that Weinstein not have a DJ spinning records until 2 a.m., something Weinstein had told the board on Thursday he had no intentions of doing. Weinstein also told the board that and that not only would he not have a late-night DJ, at the request of neighbors and the Andrew Square Civic Association, he would turn off his proposed photo booth and shuffleboard court no later than 1 a.m. The association's president strongly endorsed his plans at Thursday's hearing.

Collins wrote Joyce:

I write with conditional support for the proposed entertainment license being proposed for Small Victories, 400 Dorchester Street in South Boston. The Andrew Square Civic Association supports the establishment as one that will add value and an amenity to the square they have been searching for.

While the entertainment license proposal includes several elements that I support, concerns have been raised about a 2:00 AM disc jockey license being granted from the outset. The board may consider moving cautiously up front by approving an earlier time limit for the disc jockey license at the outset and with time and good results, the hours could be revisited

Collins's letter to Joyce did not saying anything about what he called the "offensive" behavior of East Boston residents and city councilor daring to express an opinion about a proposed South Boston bar - to be run by a man who currently runs a tavern in their neighborhood.

At Tuesday's hearing, Joyce said she would write a decision on Weinstein's request for an entertainment license in the coming days. He already has permission from the separate licensing board to purchase a liquor license.

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Nick Collins is an embarrassment. Probably one of the least attentive and caring elected officials I've had the displeasure of working with in State Government. The scariest thing about him is his eventual run for Lynch's seat when it opens up soon.

His lack of intelligence, social cues, and general self awareness is hilarious and it was on full display during yesterday's hearing. Attacking an ONS staffer for being involved in the neighborhood is pitiful. He should be ashamed.

Does anyone like this guy? Genuinely. Every other elected pol I've spoken to thinks his IQ is severely diminished. He's always a day late and a dollar short on everything. What an absurd step down from Linda DF this guy is.


What is the motivation for the turnabout here? Did Weinstein rectify whatever horrible transgression he may have committed against Collins or did Collins wilt under an unexpectedly high amount of blowback for his unhinged, public rant?




...he probably couldn't afford two unmitigated disasters in one week.


would think you could do anything in this State without first consulting with local elected officials. It’s just common courtesy.


Several years ago, the results of a community survey was publicized showing way more opposition to the proposed EB casino than our elected officials were saying. There was a bit of press about it. When our then-city councilor was interviewed on TV for his response, he claimed that he knew nothing about the effort even though we very much made him aware of it and asked him to share the survey with people. We also shared the survey at neighborhood association meetings that his staff attended.

All to say that Weinstein may have in fact reached out to Collins' office. Given Collins' behavior here, it would not surprise me at all if Collins ignored any outreach he received.




How is that "common courtesy"?


Senator Collins


When it comes to opening a business, the very first people to be consulted are the people in the local community. The first elected to be consulted should be the City Councilor - who in turn should be listening to the neighbors and assisting the licensing process by speaking with people who know the proprietor.. but a State Senator? To open a bar?

Get over yourself, Nick, and find better uses of your time and professional (I use the word loosely) energy. No one had to ask your permission to do anything.


Magoo called the meany mean pants and told him he was a meany McJerk Face. Magoo thinks that’s why he changed his tune. Magoo.


If only opposition would make Magoo go away.


He can touch the monkey!


Go down the Seaport and party w all the rich Euro trash.


Not sure he planned it this way but he technically has kept that promise.

Useless buffoon that he is.